Sunstone + Moonstone Tumbled Pocket Stone- Good Luck, Manifesting, Good Fortune, Inner Growth, Intuition

$9.00 USD


This dynamic duo of Sunstone and Moonstone are a sight to be seen and the energy is beautiful. Sunstone is a clearing stone that offers good luck and fortune to those who work with it. It amplifies intuition, and allows your authentic self to shine through. It also offers energy, vitality and joy! Moonstone is believed to aid you in manifesting your deepest desires. It holds the energy of the moon and amplifies the divine feminine within. Just as the light of the moon grows through a lunar phase, so does your inner growth. Moonstone has the incredible ability to remind you of your inner power, quell high emotional reactivity, and offers calm to the energy body. It amplifies intuition, inspiration, and offers good luck to manifesting.