Shadow Work Journal for Self Love by Valerie & Latha Jay

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Heal old wounds, break harmful cycles, and challenge the beliefs that block self-acceptance and self-love

Shadow work is the process of uncovering the parts of you that you try to hide, deny, or reject and bringing them into your awareness. Over time, you learn to accept these parts and better understand who you truly are. Inevitably, this process shines a light on the root causes of deep emotional pain, invites profound healing, and creates more room for self-love.

Shadow Work Journal for Self-Love, you’ll learn to work with your shadow parts, the needs of your inner child, and your human self so that you feel loved and accepted as a whole being.

Shadow Work Journal for Self-Love features:

A practical overview of shadow work that introduces core concepts and a step-by-step approach to doing shadow work for self-love
Supportive self-care rituals to keep you engaged and help you take care of your mind, body, and spirit as you explore uncharted territory
A wide range of shadow work exercises to help you identify your shadow parts, observe them with gentle awareness, and begin the journaling process
Over 75 journaling prompts with blank pages to invite deeper exploration of your shadow self and its impact on your life
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