Spiritual Herbalism: The Magic and Medicine of the Plants by Josh Williams

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Spiritual Herbalism unlocks the powerful, magical, and transformative gifts of the plant world and invites you to engage in a reciprocal relationship with our green allies and their medicine.
Over many years of teaching, Josh Williams has watched students develop incredibly potent relationships with plants, creating change that is healing, visionary, awakening and restorative. Whether you are a trained or traditional herbalist, tea-drinker or tincture-maker, gardener or forager, wild wanderer or city-dweller, the blessings of the plants are available to you – as they have always been to your ancestors.

The book offers many tools and insights along the path of this exploration, presenting new perspectives on the virtues of herbs and how we might relate to them as medicine for the soul, as well as the body. Chapters encompass the breadth of spiritual herbalism including its history, the systems of synergy in the body, along with rituals, ceremonies, recipes, guidance for harvesting, making and taking herbal medicine – and detailed explorations of the spiritual nature of 19 herbs including yarrow, rose, hawthorn and elder.

Written for trained herbalists and student alike, 
Spiritual Herbalism opens up the possibility of stepping into a sacred space where the personality and potency of each herb unfolds in magic and deep medicine.