Radiant Runes by Erica Rose

$36.00 USD


Start or expand upon your runes journey with this magical set!

These Elder Futhark Runes are handcrafted by Erica Rose exclusively for Spirit + Soul Studio.

Each set contains 25 Elder Futhark Runes, a pouch for storage, and a card that further explains the meanings of all the runic symbols.

Since these are handmade, each set is individual and unique. Your set may vary slightly from the picture but will be made with all the same flower colors/materials of the set you chose.

Also please understand since these are handmade, there may be slight imperfections but know that every rune is individually checked to assure good quality.

Please keep out of the sun as consistent UV light exposure may cause the runes to yellow slightly over time.


Available in different variations.

Just a few left. Order soon.