Protect Your Light: A Practical Guide to Energy Protection, Cleansing, and Cutting Cords- George Lizos

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Protect Your Light introduces a modern, comprehensive, step-by-step system of clearing, shielding and strengthening your energy. It’s the first book to address energy attack on social media, empowering readers with practical methods for protecting their energy online.

Energy protection is the art of being energetically authentic. It is about managing your energy interactions with the surrounding world to ensure that your thoughts, emotions, and behavior are aligned with your purpose and authenticity, rather than being influenced by external energy sources. Essentially, energy protection ensures that what’s ours is ours and what’s theirs is theirs.

Protect Your Light empowers readers with a toolkit of tried-and-tested energy protection processes for identifying and clearing energy attachments from their energy field, along with shielding processes that repel and transmute energy attacks, while also strengthening the natural energetic defenses.

Protect Your Light avoids complicated and overly ritualistic methods, instead focusing on meditation- and mindfulness-based processes that can be practiced anywhere, anytime. Rather than focusing solely on cleansing the energy field, it places a great deal of attention on first identifying energy attachments that need to be cleansed, and then follows with powerful, case-specific energy shielding and strengthening practices to prevent further attack.