Manifesting Your Magical Life: A Practical Guide to Everyday Magic with the Angels by Radleigh Valentine

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Claim your authentic life where dreams come true by tapping into your inner magic, listening to angel answers, and uncovering the power of making wishes.

Discover your inner power and manifest the magical life you were born to live! Radleigh Valentine offers practical, cheerful advice and simple guided exercises to support you in harnessing your energy, overcoming your limitations, and finding your happiest, most authentic self.

This book will equip you with the everyday magic skills and knowledge you need in several areas:


  • Manifesting what you really want
  • Choosing joy and living a life of gratitude
  • Recognizing the signs from the Universe you're receiving every day
  • Communicating with the angels and accepting Divine assistance
  • Strategies for increasing your "daily magic" and your "life magic"

Your life is meant to be one of wishes granted and dreams come true. Discover the manifesting magic within you to make that happen!

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