Vibe Jars

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These mini vibe jars are perfect to help you manifest your desires.  Use them to top candles, sprinkle into a small bowl to create a mini vortex, and use in altar work.  Choose your manifestation:

Love Vibes:  They are filled with carnelian, rose quartz, clear quartz and herbs so you can dress up any candle and manifest love into your life.

Money Vibes: Manifest that Money Honey with green aventurine, tigers eye, herbs and more.

Health Vibes: Manifest good health with prehnite, bloodstone, unakite jasper and more.

I am That Bitch Vibes: "I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am rich, I am that bitch". This jar is a combo of love, confidence, money, and health.

Strength + Power Vibes: Step into your strong goddess energy with this strength and power manifesting jar.