Lady of the Lake, Rise by Annah Taylor Phinny

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When the psychic pain of an old soul is ready to be released, that pain may cry out to us through trauma or dis-ease, begging to be healed, loved, and liberated. But at the age of thirty-six, diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, Annah Taylor Phinny didn't know that. All she knew was that embarking on two journeys at once-a physical journey through modern medicine's chemotherapy and a spiritual journey through training as a Priestess of Avalon.

Cyclical, layered, and multidimensional, Lady of the Lake, Rise, is as vivid and intimate as the process of healing itself. As her life unfolds in eerie parallels with Inanna's mythic descent into the underworld, Taylor must pass through seven gates of profound loss and bare her soul to the void, only to be born anew-reclaiming the seven gifts of a sacred birthright that only her soul remembered.

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