Trust Your Intuition Crystal Bracelet

$13.00 USD


This crystal bracelet mix is all about your relationship with yourself. The combination of these energies encourage you to step into your own power by helping you find and express your inner voice, as well as aiding you in trusting your intuition.  

Rhodonite helps you tap into self-love, self-esteem, and emotional healing. Rhodonite is known as an altruism stone and amplifies generosity to help you use your inner gifts to help others. 

Sodalite helps you amplify your inner truth and trusting yourself. Because of its blue color, it's connected to activating the throat chakra and third eye chakra

Picasso Jasper helps provide inner clarity to your thoughts and promotes positivity. It is a great guide for any relationship transitions.

Lepidolite is known for being a stone to help with anxiety and calming as it naturally contains Lithium, which is a known mood stabilizer. It is beautiful to aid in emotional healing and to purify your system.  It has a serene effect on your energy

Green Hair Jasper is connected to the Heart Chakra. It's beautiful grounding energy helps to re-balance our Heart center, to provide clarity to your emotional needs.

Available in 6mm and 8mm Crystal Bead Size.