Infinite Receiving: Crack the Code to Conscious Wealth Creation and Finally Manifest Your Dream Life by Suzy Ashworth

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Infinite Receiving is so much more than manifestation. When your purpose is truly aligned with what the universe wants for you, and you consciously take action, your dreams really can come true. This book will help you find your purpose and take actionable steps to live the life you want. Faith plus action equals miracles!

Stop standing in your own way. We need to let go of fear, shame, guilt, and judgement in order to consciously receive all that we desire. When we open up our hearts and release self-doubt, we create energy that allows us to see more ‘magic’ in our lives and actively pursue our dreams.

Through meditations, affirmations, and practical exercises, Suzy Ashworth will show you how to become more aware of your energy and help you to redefine your relationship with wanting.

By following the four pillars of Infinite Receiving, you can increase your state of awareness and attract much more into your life, including:

  • Sovereignty: Take ownership of your spiritual and inner authority, and lead with integrity and personal power.
  • Infinite possibilities: Trust yourself and believe you are worthy. Allow yourself to open up and create space to receive beyond your wildest dreams.
  • Community: Cultivate a supportive culture in any space you step into. When we come together, we all rise.
  • Embodiment: Become adept at taking yourself out of your mind and into your body and heart. You will talk the talk and walk the walk.

Learn to consciously co-create a world beyond what you thought was possible by tuning into the frequency of Infinite Receiving.
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