Ignited Love Crystal Bracelet: Passion, Heart Healing, Empowered Love

$17.00 USD


This powerful healing bracelet in packed with Carnelian, Flower Agate, and Strawberry Quartz to help ignite passion again and empower you through your heart healing journey. 

Carnelian is connected to your sacral chakra and boost your passions, sensuality, and creativity to create some fire in your life!

Flower Agate is a great stone for emotional support. It honors your healing and self-growth journey in whichever part you find yourself on. It's believed that the circle resemble flowering seeds to remind us that we too are meant to bloom and grow in life.

Strawberry Quartz s another great supportive stone that amplifies universal love of self and others. It is also known to boost confidence, clarity around your life purpose, peace, and divine partnerships and connections.


Available in 6mm and 8mm Crystal Bead Size.

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