Healing What You Can't Erase: Transform Your Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Health from the Inside Out by Christopher Cook

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A path from trauma to transformation that doesn’t rely on willpower, but rather on the daily power of the Holy Spirit—from pastor and leadership coach Christopher Cook

“Razor-sharp focus . . . a clear-cut path to find healing.”—New York Times bestselling author and pastor Mark Batterson

The pain that happened to you is real . . . and it matters immensely.

The notion of healing what you can’t erase is not about ignoring the devastation of your past or putting a glossy, positive spin on current tragedy. That plastic version of faith isn’t actually faith; it’s unbelief.

Healing What You Can’t Erase offers a far better solution—a road map for moving forward through the losses and scars by allowing the power of the Holy Spirit to transform us . . . spirit, soul, and body.

Through story, instruction, action steps, and guided questions, you’ll discover

why transformation beats willpower and self-help

how to recognize and heal a broken spirit

well-researched, biblically grounded strategies to revitalize your mental and emotional well-being

how inside-out integrated transformation changes your spirit, soul, and body

Whether you’re wrestling with the loss of a marriage, a fractured friendship, a betrayal at work, or a chronic illness, there is hope. No matter your pain or traumatic experience, the Holy Spirit can heal and restore you to the life God created you for.

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