Grounding, Prosperity & Protection Bracelet- Abundance, Mental Clarity, Grounding, Focus, Protection

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This bracelet combines the power of Tiger's Eye, Hematite & Black Onyx.

  • Tiger's Eye Crystal is great to call in Abundance, Prosperity, Good Luck, and Mental Clarity. It's also known to be a grounding stone that enhances willpower.
  • Hematite is a healing stone that's known for its metaphysical healing, grounding, and energetic protection qualities. It's an ancient stone that many ancient cultures adorned themselves with for these purposes. It's said that it detoxifies your mind and body of negativity. This grounding stone helps you tap into your inner strength and power so no storm in your life can shake you! 
  • Black Onyx works for you to ward off negative energy, helps you to stay focus, and offers you grounding energy!

 Details: 4mm and 8mm Bead Size.