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Good Vibes Only Candle - Crystals & Herbs Candle

Good Vibes Only Candle - Crystals & Herbs Candle

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This candle is one of our best sellers here at Spirit & Soul, and for a good reason! Good Vibes Only is scented with Citrus, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Jasmine and Rose. This amazing candle is topped with Rose Quartz, Citrine, Sunstone, Clear Quartz and Pink Himalayan Salt to help you call in those good vibes. Let the warm scent of this beautiful candle fill your home with the intention of good vibes!

Details: 100% Eco-soy wax candle that is handmade and hand poured with a combination of Natural & Essential oils, lead-free cotton & paper wicks, natural crystals, dried flowers & herbs.

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