Geometric Metal Hanging Air Planter

$20.00 USD


Where can you buy elegant geometric hanging planters for home or sacred space? Use them for florals, air plants, succulents, vines, indoor plants, garden herbs, or as modern terrariums. These hanging geometric planters are the perfect alternative to ceramic hanging pots, brass hanging vases, metal circle planters, or wood hanging pots. Compliment your stilt planter stands with these beautiful hanging geometric decor pieces. Easy to DIY decorate your living room, bedroom, dinning room, kitchen with our modern metal and glass plant holders. 

  • Size: variety of sizes available
  • Material: Metal and glass hanging terrariums are handmade with quality craftmanship. Suitable for indoor plants and outdoor terrarium use. 
  • Shape: Elegant, clean and modern hanging 3D geometric plant terarrium shape perfect for small candles, florals, air plants, moss, succulents, small pots, artificial plants, and more.
  • Home decor: Suitable hanging vases for both indoor or outdoor use in kitchen, office, patio, garden, bedroom, living room, and dining room.
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