Mini Galena Chunks- Self-Transformation, Grounding, Inner Sight, Personal Power, Past Life Healing, Anti-Inflammatory, Addictive Behavior

$11.00 USD


Galena is the Stone of the Starseed. It helps you to plant yourself on Earth while still remembering your connection to the cosmos. It’s a powerful self-transformation stone that offers you deep grounding. Galena provides you inner strength to help you achieve what you want to cultivate in your life, and allows you see the world around you with new found clarity. If you're looking for some stability in your life, Galena can center your energy and overwhelming emotions. Because of it's reflective nature, this is a powerful stone to use for past life healing and shadow work as it will reflect light and illuminate what needs to be healed in your life. Galena is a well-known stone for reducing inflammation in the body, detoxifies, and helps with addiction.