Assorted Elephant Crystal Carvings

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Elephants have long been known as a symbol of prosperity and luck. In Feng Shui, they are symbol of wisdom, strength and protection. It is said to bring good luck into the home when placed facing away from the door, and protective energy when placed facing towards the door. 

Available in:

  • Amethyst- Protection, Serenity, Peace
  • Crazy Lace Agate- Laughter, Joy, Positivity
  • Clear Quartz- Raises + Amplifies Intention
  • Moss Agate- Growth, Abundance, New Beginnings 
  • Jade- Good Luck, Relationships, Love
  • Lepidolite- Anti Anxiety, Soothing, Sleep
  • Unakite- Grounding, Third Eye, Intuition
  • Tree Agate- Growth, Cleansing, Harmony
  • Amazonite- Peace, Harmony, Truth
  • Black Obsidian- Protection, Shadow Work, Grounding
  • Sodalite- Emotional Balance, Anti-Anxiety, Intuition, Immune Boosting, Truth, Intelligence
  • Rose Quartz- Love, Self Love, Heart Chakra
  • Strawberry Quartz- Self Love, Compassion, Peace
  • Mahogany Jasper- Protection, Grounding, Intuition
  • Green Aventurine- Money, Abundance, Manifesting
  • Picasso Jasper- Creativity, Friendship, Grounding
  • Opalite- Psychic Abilities, Clearing, Helps with Transitions