Crystal Kit for Kids

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Got a crystal kid at home who's all about experiencing the magic? Our signature crystal kit for children are a great gift for any child who's looking to feel calm, focused, and positive! Children love to have crystals on their desks during homework, in their special spaces in their room, and even carry with them on the go or during quiet times/meditation. Please ensure that children wash their hands after touching crystal gems, Kit is not suitable for toddlers, infants, or babies (any age in which child will put crystals in their mouths). Crystal Kit Includes...

  • (1) Rose Quartz (Love, Self Love, Heart Healing)
  • (1) Blue Goldstone (Motivation, Confidence, Protection, Intuition)
  • (1) Selenite (Cleansing, Clearing)
  • (1) Sunstone (Good Luck, Intuition, Authentic Self, Joy, and Energy)
  • (1) Red Jasper (Grounding, Balance, Courage)
  • (2) Angel Aura Quartz (Angelic Connection, High Vibes, Intuition, Wisdom)