Crystal Intention Jars

$30.00 USD


These super high vibe Reiki Infused Crystal Intention Jars are great for manifesting, meditating, and keeping in your home.  With lots of different intentions to choose from, you can absolutely find something that you would like to call in. 

Each jar is infused with Reiki energy and has one tumble stone, lots of mini crystals, and herbs/flowers to support the energy of the intention.  It is all lightly rolled in an amazing intention oil to further the energy.  We only use the highest quality crystals and herbs/flowers.  A handwritten note of affirmation seals in your intention and the whole jar is Reiki infused on a large high vibe crystal.  Can you say super intentional?

Manifest That Money Honey: Oooo let's get ready to manifest that money! Call in abundance and prosperity with this awesome jar.

Manifest It: General manifesting jar.  Great for ANY intention you want to see come to life.

You're Grounded:  Need to get grounded? Well this Intention Jar is just the thing you need.

Beyonce in a Bottle: This Confidence Booster will have you start strutting like Beyonce in no time!

Just Like Magic: Looking to unleash your inner mystic and deepen your intuition? This potent jar will activate your inner psychic!  

Hot + Bothered: This jar is ready to activate your inner goddess and sacred sensuality!

Fiercely Focused: This jar is the perfect addition to any office or desk space that provides you clarity of mind to crush your goals for the day!

Energetic Protection + Boundaries: Say bye to bad vibes with this powerful intention jar!

Higher Love: Ready to open your heart chakra and call in love in all forms? 

Custom Jar: Don't see what your heart truly desires here? No problem! We can custom make an intention jar to suit your needs.  Examples of custom jars we've made in the past: No More Nightmares, Protection (Please understand that a custom jar may take more time in order to obtain proper materials)

Just a few left. Order soon.