Small Crystal Bonsai Tree (Assorted Crystals)

$50.00 USD


This stunning Bonsai Tree with Angel Aura base is all the crystal healing energy you need for your home or sacred space.  Average size is 3” x 4”.

Varieties include:

Sodalite- Emotional Balance, Anti-Anxiety, Intuition, Intelligence 

Citrine- Abundance, Wealth, Prosperity, Personal Power

Blue Lace Agate- Calming, Communication, Inner Truth, Tranquility

Charoite- Transformation, Transmutation, Strength, Creativity, Self-Esteem

Peach Moonstone- Healing, Calming, Good Luck, Intuition, Divine Connection

Green Aventurine- Money, Growth, Wealth, Abundance, Heart Chakra

Fluorite- Soul's Path, Clearing, Life Path Guidance

Rose Quartz- Love, Self Love, Heart Chakra Activation

Tiger's Eye- Abundance, Prosperity, Willpower, Good Luck, Mental Clarity

Blue Apatite- Personal Growth, Sacred Purpose, Past Life Work, Intuition 

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