Assorted Chakra Caramel Bites

$15.00 USD


Tap into your Chakra system in the most delicious way with these Chakra Caramels! Each bite is specifically flavored according to the corresponding chakra. 

Connect with your Root Chakra and ground yourself with these apple cinnamon flavored bites!

If life give your oranges consider yourself lucky! Our Sacral chakra is where our creativity sits- think about creating your reality and manifesting your best life! Is it luck or have you simply been tuning into your Sacral chakra energy lately?

Solar Plexus is all about personal power and its our personal energy source.  Lemon is the perfect flavor to energize you and give you a confidence boost!

Made with Coconut Milk + Coconut Sugar Base. Essential Oil Infused + Reiki Charged

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