Chakra Crystal Healing Bracelet- Aura Balancing, Grounding, Harmonizing, Alignment

$17.00 USD


This bracelet is adorned with Stainless Steel Spacers and crystals corresponding to each chakra in your energy body. This is a must have to call in deep balance and harmony in your life!  

The crystals are: 

  • Red Tigers Eye - Root chakra (red) - grounding
  • Carnelian - Sacral chakra (orange) - creativity and sensuality
  • Citrine - Solar plexus chakra (yellow) - confidence and joy
  • Green Aventurine - Heart chakra (green) - love and compassion
  • Amazonite- Throat chakra (light/teal blue) - speaking your truth 
  • Lapis Lazuli - Third eye chakra (purple) - intuition
  • Amethyst - Crown Chakra (blue) - connection to source


Available in 8mm bead size.

Just a few left. Order soon.