Benzoin Incense Sticks- 15 sticks pack

$5.00 USD


Benzoin is a resin that comes from the bark of several different species of trees! This amazing incense is used to promote emotional balance and soothe the mind of feelings of anger, grief, and sadness. This incense is also super heart opening!

Details: 1 pack of 100% natural handmade incense sticks Banjara benzoin
*Ethno Tribal Smudge Incense - finest fragrance creations from the natural

Banjara Aztec Ethno-Smudge Incense Masala incense sticks are 100% natural and handmade natural products, without animal, toxic or petrochemical additives.

Fragrance: resinous, sweet and warm with styrax parts
Banjara benzoin incense sticks provide security and emotional balance, alleviating sadness, fear and melancholy. 
1 pack contains about 10 incense sticks, length approx. 22 cm.