Sweet Serenity Crystal Healing Bracelet- Inner peace, Soothing, Love, Stress Reducer

$17.00 USD


This gentle but powerful mix is all around soothing and helps bring serenity to your body. Amethyst helps to relieve anxiety and activates relaxation for a peaceful night's rest. Rose Quartz provides gentle empathic love and self-love. Aquamarine is another beautiful way to promote calming to the body. It is known to help reduce inflammation and pain. Get ready to be washed over with sweet serene vibes throughout your day with this beautiful combo!

Amethyst will offer you energetic protection, inner peace, and serenity. 

Rose quartz is all about the love and sweetness in your life. Love from others, loving others, opening your heart, and above all, loving yourself. 

Aquamarine promotes calming and stress reduction. Aquamarine helps to calm hot tempers and helps with clear communication.

Details: Available in 6mm and 8mm bead size