The Original Pleiadian Wisdom Oracle Cards: We Bring Wisdom from the Stars By Pia Orleane and Cullen Baird Smith

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All of us long deeply for peace in our hearts, harmony in our environment, joy in our relationships, and abundance in our material world. How do we attain those things when we live in a world where we are confronted with conflict and confusion on a daily basis? Life gives us challenge after challenge to grow and change. As we look around us, we may see others who appear to be happy and living a good life. Of course, we want a good life, too, and we may wonder what changes we need to make to achieve a better life for ourselves. Having an oracle deck to guide us is very helpful! We can make new choices in every moment to help us attain the life we want. It is not the right relationship, the right place to live, or enough money that makes us happy; it is learning to really know who we are and how to make good choices that support our own growth, help us to reach our goals, and bring our hearts peace