Sterling Silver Round Crystal Dangly Earrings

$28.00 USD


Adorn your ears with these beautiful Sterling Silver crystal earrings! Available in the following stones:

Green AventurineMoney, Growth, Wealth, Heart Chakra Healing

Red Jasper- Root Chakra, Grounding, Balance, Passion, Courage

Strawberry Quartz- Universal Love, Confidence, Life Purpose, Peace, Divine Connection

Tiger's Eye- Good Luck, Prosperity, Will Power, Mental Clarity

Moss Agate- Stress Relief, New Beginnings, Abundance, Growth, Immune Boosting, Anti-Inflammatory

Kunzite- Divine Feminine Energy, Joy, Love, Calming

Bumblebee Jasper- Energy, Positivity, Self-esteem, Decision Making, New Opportunities

Sodalite- Emotional Balance, Anti-Anxiety, Intuition, Immune Boosting, Truth




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