Spirit Mamas Oracle Deck by Victoria Neilsen + Tiffany Wilkes

$44.00 USD


This divinely channeled 44-card oracle deck was created to help you come home to yourself again and again. Use the seven suits in this deck to connect to your intuition, find your inner power, and bloom into your most authentic self as a modern multi-dimensional mama, woman, and human.

We don’t have all the answers… YOU do. The Spirit Mamas Oracle is an easy-to-interpret oracle card deck for any mama who wants to deepen her intuition, connect with her higher self, and tap into her limitlessness daily.
- Chakra cards connect you to the wheels of energy within your body
- Inner world cards dive into soul exploration prompts
- Goddess cards are high vibe entities you can call on daily
- Restore & renew cards help you do just that
- Inner power cards invoke an activation at the deepest level
- Growth & expansion cards allow you to soar to your highest potential
- Divine connection cards remind you that we’re all one

Each card comes with soul work — affirmations, journal prompts, breath work, you name it — for busy moms who want to get their zen on & get on with their day. Simple yet powerful, come home to yourself and activate your intuition each time you pull a card.
Use the Spirit Mamas Oracle Deck to strengthen your intuition and connect to the goddess within, allowing you to be the master of your own energy and life’s direction.