Lepidolite Fairy Pendulum- Anxiety Reduction, Sleep, Calming, Emotional Healing, Purification

$100.00 USD


Lepidolite brings deep emotional healing. It is wonderful for easing symptoms of anxiety and depression and is one of the most powerful stones for releasing stress, fear, worry and grief. Believed to stimulate positive synchronicities in life, it inspires us to share our joy and compassion. Boosts trust, acceptance and confidence and encourages independence & achieving goals without the help of others. It assists in transition from the old way of being to creating a new path of self-empowerment. Used to deepen meditative experiences and connecting to spirit guides. Helps clear electromagnetic pollution. Affirmation: “I am mentally strong, capable and independent.”

Details: Delightful Lepidolite Fairy dowsing pendulum finished with 4mm round lepidolite beads, silver bead caps, silver beads and a silver fairy charm. Total length of dowser including chain, approx. 11 inches

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