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Rainbow Assorted Crystals String Fairy Lights

Rainbow Assorted Crystals String Fairy Lights

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Cozy vibes? Check! Add some crystal goodness to your desk, headboard, dressing table or just about anywhere with these awesome crystal lights.

Rose Quartz: Promotes feelings of unconditional love and worthiness.
Citrine: Assists in attracting wealth, prosperity and success.
Fluorite: Supports decision making, focus and concentration.
Celestite: Encourages your true self and supports spiritual development.
Amethyst: Brings an overworked and overwhelmed body back to center.
Clear Quartz: Purifies and enhances the body, mind and soul.
Smokey Quartz: Supportive and grounding, while reducing stress.

Affirmation: "Today I notice and celebrate my light."

Details: * Presented in a gift box  * Warm light * 20 x raw crystals * Crystal size: approx. 1.5cm * String length: 2 metres * 1 x Battery CR2032 included * Keep batteries and string lights away from children.

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