Pasión/Passion- Mucuna Pruriens & Cacao

$35.00 USD


Rose & Vanilla Cacao is considered a sacred plant in the ancient Maya lands. The indigenous Maya people have been using Cacao for thousands as a plant medicine for the physical, mental and spiritual body. Still to this day, its amazing health and spiritual benefits are being honored worldwide. Mucuna Pruriens also known as "The velvet bean" is a tonic herb known for it its mood elevating abilities, as well as being creativity and libido enhancing. The high quality ceremonial cacao is coming straight from indigenous Maya tribes, out of Southern Belize. 

Details: 100% Pure, Premium, Organic, High Vibrational, Ceremonial Grade Cacao, of the highest quality. Straight from the ancient Maya lands and infused with Mucuna Pruriens.

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