Natural Crystal Mushroom Carvings (Assorted Materials + Colors)

$5.00 USD


Mushrooms are a well known symbol of growth and preservation. Call in your deepest goals and manifestations with these beautifully carved crystal mushrooms. These are great stones to keep at your bedside table, meditate with or carry with you. These carvings are approximately 1" tall.

Types of Carvings include:

  • Green Aventurine (Money, Growth, Wealth, Abundance, Heart Chakra)
  • Moss Agate (New Beginnings, Attracting Abundance, Growth, Immune Boosting, Anti-Inflammatory)
  • Amethyst (Protection, Serenity, Peace)
  • Clear Quartz (Amplifies Intention, Master Healer)
  • Mahogany Obsidian (Psychic Protection, Grounding, Intuition, Shadow Work)
  • Rose Quartz (Self Love, Love, Heart Healing)
  • Sodalite (Inner Truth, Throat Chakra, Emotional Balancing)
  • Unakite (Grounding, Third Eye Chakra, Intuition)
  • Black Obsidian (Psychic Protection, Grounding, Intuition, Shadow Work)
  • Opalite (Improves Communication, Removes Energy Blockages, Supports You Through Times of Transition)