Natural Crystal Moon Carvings (Assorted Materials + Colors)

Natural Crystal Moon Carvings (Assorted Materials + Colors)

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Are you looking to connect with lunar energies? Call in moon magic and the divine feminine within with these beautifully carved crystal moons. These are great stones to keep at your bedside table, meditate with or carry with you. These carvings are approximately 2" in height.


Types of Carvings include:

  • Tigers Eye (Abundance, Prosperity, Willpower, Good Luck, and Mental Clarity)
  • Unakite (Grounding, Third Eye Chakra, Intuition)
  • Dalmatian Jasper (Nurturing, Inner Child Healing, Protective, EMF Blocker)
  • Red Jasper (Psychic Protection, Nurturing, Grounding, Courage)
  • Blue Aventurine (Healing Stone, Self-Discipline, Helps with Addictive Behavior)
  • Opalite (Psychic Abilities, Clearing, Helps with Transitions)
  • Que Sera (Positive Thinking, Vitality, Stress Relief, Psychic Abilities)
  • Green Aventurine (Money, Growth, Wealth, Abundance, Heart Chakra)


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