Interview with an Angel: An Angel Reveals Astonishing Truths About Life and Death, Religion, the Afterlife, Extraterrestrials, the Power of Love . . . and More by Steven Thayer

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In a dynamic two-year interview an angel answers your most compelling questions.

When psychologist Linda Sue Nathanson consulted holistic practitioner Stevan J. Thayer, she was seeking help for a chronic illness. What she received was a gift so unexpected it changed her deepest beliefs about life . . . and death. Along with the healing she sought, Linda met an angel named Ariel who, channeled through Steven, allowed her to ask questions that touch us all.

Do Heaven and Hell Exist? What is the most powerful prayer? What is the real meaning of angel encounters? Based on audiotapes of those astounding sessions, this book brings us Ariel’s teachings and stunning revelations about finding love and our soul mate . . . about our karma and a divine plan . . . about the afterlife, the biblical Eden, Jesus Christ, and even startling information about aliens. 

Interview with an Angel directly conveys a message from a spirit guide—words of comfort and guidance, and answers to the questions we most want to know.

“A timely, exciting look at angels in our lives.”—Rabbi Joseph H. Gelberman, Ph.D., president, The New Seminary, NYC