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Get Grounded Ritual Tea by Spirit + Soul Studio

Get Grounded Ritual Tea by Spirit + Soul Studio

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Grounding your energy is important in the chaotic world we live in. We are led by emotions, deal with chaotic energy all around, and forget that we are one with nature. We must be rooted to rise. After intense meditations, grounding with chocolate is a great way to bring your energy back to earth. 

At Spirit + Soul, we understand that rituals help us be intentional and harness our magic. Tea is an elixir. It is magic.

The herbs and fruits in this tea provide a grounded energy. Drinking after dealing with anxious, running thoughts, a big creative project, or a beautiful, high vibration meditation to ground your energy. 

All organic + natural ingredients: Chocolate flavor, Cocoa Husk, Coconut Flavor, Cornflower, Cream Flavor, Rooibos, Vanilla Flavor

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