Gabby's Manifesting True Love Altar Ritual Candle w/ Holder

$23.00 USD


S+S teacher, Gabby Farah manifested her true love and so can you! Being intentional about calling in love is key to manifesting and using these altar candles is a great way to set the intention. Light them up every morning as you write down the type of love you want for yourself and envision how you will feel as if it's already yours!


These altar candles are made with 100% beeswax and natural dyes. Because of this, they do best out of direct sunlight, to ensure their beautiful color doesn’t fade..

-Rose-colored candles with a warm scent of Anise and Vanilla.

Feel all the abundance of love with these golden candles! Using these altar candles is a great way to help you tap in to the abundance of love that already exists within you. Sometimes it's hard to feel that love is surrounding us at all times. Light them up when you are struggling to feel loved, be it self-love, universal love, or even love for others and as you write down your intentions, feel the love that exists within you and know that love will always continue to flow through you abundantly.


-Golden-colored candles scented with vanilla and orange and topped with a chrysanthemum on each.

Candle holder is handmade therefore, they may be small bubbles and a slight color difference from the natural materials used. Avoid harsh cleaning products & scrubbing as this may alter the product's surface. 8cm.

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