Fire Quartz + Malachite Cluster- Grounding, Protection, Prosperity, Manifesting, Healing, and Inner Strength, Amplifies Intention and

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This epic specimen is what you get when you combine the healing stone Hematite with the master healer Clear Quartz with a touch of Malachite! Hematite offers deep metaphysical healing, grounding, and energetic protection qualities. It's an ancient stone that many ancient cultures adorned themselves with for these purposes. It's said that it detoxifies your mind and body of negativity. This grounding stone helps you tap into your inner strength and power so no storm in your life can shake you! Clear Quartz is known as the "master healer" and raises vibration of all other stones around. Malachite offers heart healing, growth, fertility and abundance. Malachite also helps release toxic emotions and alleviates shyness. It's a known soul cleanser. 
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