Eye Pillow/Neck Wrap Washable Cover - Super Soft Cuddle: Black / Eye Pillow Cover

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Add a Calm Your Vibes washable eye pillow cover to your purchase and easily wash and dry your cover to protect your Aromatherapy Eye Pillow!  No more worrying about how much dust and dirt has accumulated on your Aromatherapy Hot/Cold Weighted Eye Pillow because you can take the cover off easily and throw it in the wash!  Stop throwing away your Eye Pillows before you have squeezed every last drop of use out of them.  Eye Pillow Covers are made in a super soft cuddle fleece fabric. New Fabrics are being added in other listings, like LINEN & Super soft cuddle! Open-ended with a satin ribbon for ease in taking on and off the eye pillow, you want to be relaxed when using our products not stressed with trying to squeeze the pillow back into the cover.  (New Product Photos coming soon)