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Chakras Support Tea Bundle

Chakras Support Tea Bundle

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This organic herbal tea Chakra bundle includes:

Root Tea: Ground Your Being- Clove, Red rose petals + Dandelion root
Sacral Tea: Nourish Your Body- Calendula, Ashwagandha + Yarrow       
Solar Plexus Tea: Empower Your Journey- Chamomile, Milk thistle + Ginger 
Heart tea: Love Yourself- Hibiscus, Lemon balm leaf + Hawthorn berries
Throat Tea: Create Your Dreams - Sage, Peppermint + Lemongrass
Third Eye Tea: Discover Your Truth- Rosemary, Bilberry + Eyebright
Crown Tea: Awaken Your Spirit- Lavender, Sarsaparilla + Orange peel 


Details: Comes in sealed kraft zip pouch.

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